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Why I Can Never Watch Another Carole Lombard Film.

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At the request of my Golden Age pal, the Dizzy Dame Carole Irene, I have been making a BIG effort to appreciate William Powell.

I don’t know what it is about him, but I just don’t like him much. Something about him really bugs me. Ok, so he was really good in the “Philo Vance” series and was…passable…in the “Thin Man” series (I wish they would have cast Cary Grant in the Nick Charles role), but I just cannot see his appeal! I mean, he was a great actor, but I just don’t like him!

Anyways, in an attempt to appease D.D.C.I, today I watched “My Man Godfrey”. One of my many sins is that I have had this DVD sitting on my shelf for 3 years now but have never watched it.

(Get a load of William Powell! Egghead Extraordinaire!)

I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly because Eugene Pallette was in it and he is always a treat. He’s such an old grump, with his pot belly and his gravelly voice. Kind of like my grandfather minus a foot in height.

I’m sorry Li’l C.I., I still haven’t been won over to William Powell.

What I DID find was that I found Carole Lombard INCREDIBLY attractive. I mean, I’d seen her before in No Man Of Her Own, Mr & Mrs Smith and To Be Or Not To Be, but I’d never really been struck by her beauty.
Boy, how that changed!

But then I thought “hold on, she was the love of Gabe’s life! Gabe is my idol!”. I fell into deep contemplation. How could I be attracted to Gabe’s true love?! Gabe, who has bought me hours of entertainment and inspired me in pretty much everything!
I realize how ridiculous this sounds, both Gabe and Carole are no longer with us, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of betrayal of coveting the love of my idol!

So Gabe, the (FAR) better man has won! I will bow out gracefully and never ever watch another Carole Lombard film for as long as I live!


Written by Gypo Nolan

March 2, 2011 at 10:23 pm

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The Ongoing Confusion of my Mind. Part One

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In an attempt to be like a lot of other bloggers, I thought I’d write a bit about my life in general.

Ok, so last year I took a break from University because I couldn’t get motivated. So I took a year off. Then in November, I thought “I’d like to be a teacher!” so I switched my degree from a Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Education. So University is back again, and I read up on the units I’m studying. Turns out an Education Degree, without first completing  an Arts Degree, is 6 YEARS. So, your hero decided he’d switch back to an Arts Degree with a double major in English Literature and Journalism.

Now, this all seems straightforward.  Maybe SLIGHTLY confusing, but more or less straightforward. But here’s where it gets complicated. I saw an advertisement on TV last night advertising a ministry college. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with religion, and being a Minister/Reverend/Pastor/Preacher is REALLY appealing. But turns out they already began their semester three weeks ago. So I send them an email asking whether I could commence studying there in second semester. They get back to me and tell me it’s fine and that if I so desired, I could start this week (but not wanting to be behind the 8-ball, I think that I’d best start at the beginning of a semester).

So, what do I do?! Do I continue half-heartedly with an Arts Degree for the next two years with the intent of becoming a teacher after a further 2 or 3? Do I continue with my Arts Degree for this semester and fork out $1600 for a semester of learning which would be more or less useless, and then commence with the Ministry College? Or do I simply get a low-wage job and quit higher education completely?!

Written by Gypo Nolan

February 28, 2011 at 5:40 am

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